Lock on Bicycle Grips, accepts all Nunchuck Grips Accessories

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  • These bike handlebar grips can be used to replace existing or worn grips. They can also accept Nunchuck Grips Patent Pending Quick Pinch release end caps which is used to gain access to many different Accessories (Sold Separately) that can be hidden within the handle
  • Optional Accessories can be pulled out faster than any other method possible since they’re always in the palm of your hands
  •  Comfortable 130mm length waffle style rubber grips with clamp on collars to prevent twisting

  • 16.5mm minimum bar diameter required for accessories to clear the bar.  Handlebar end caps are included along with all tools necessary for installation

  • Works with nearly all Carbon or Aluminum 7/8” bars found on most street and mountain bikes. Not compatible with curved road bike handlebars or older rolled steel handlebars that contain an inner welded seam

We love being outside whether we're riding our bikes or going for a hike. Always being prepared when you’re out there all alone is extremely important. We developed a system of Outdoor Grip Products that houses useful Accessories that are accessible right from the palm of your hands. You don’t have time to fumble through your bag or pockets. Our patent pending quick release provides the absolute fastest way to get to those Accessories when you need it most

** Our Bicycle Grips are compatible with nearly all 7/8" standard mountain and city bikes handlebars. Min. 16.5mm internal bar diameter is required to allow accessories to fit inside **

These grips can be installed with or without Nunchuck Grips Accessories. When installing without Nunchuck Grip Accessories, use the provided standard rubber end cap plugs and ensure the outter clamp is flush with the handlebar end to ensure plugs seat correctly. When installed with Nunchuck Grip Accessories, ensure the outter clamp’s inner shouldered surface is flush with the handlebar end to allow clearance for the end cap snaps to engage with the clamp