Nunchuck Knife Accessory

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  • Nunchuck Knife has a 2.1” 440A Stainless Steel blade and frame lock handle with thumb slot for one handed operation

  • Patent Pending Quick Pinch release end cap is designed to work with Nunchuck Grip Products to access hidden Accessories located within the handle

  • Accessories can be pulled out faster than any other method possible since they’re always in the palm of your hands

  • The Nunchuck Knife can be removed from end cap for everyday carry by twisting in opposite directions and reinstalled by reinserting and twisting until end cap snaps re-engage with Pepper Spray housing

We love being outside whether we're riding our bikes or going for a hike. Always being prepared when you’re out there all alone is extremely important. We developed a system of Outdoor Grip Products that houses useful Accessories that are accessible right from the palm of your hands. You don’t have time to fumble through your bag or pockets. Our patent pending quick release provides the absolute fastest way to get to those Accessories when you need it most

** Knife must be folded when installed in some Nunchuck Grip Products. Knife can be installed Unfolded in Handlebar application where legal **   

Must be 18 or over to purchase. Keep away from Children. Knife regulations vary between States. Please check with your local State Laws to understand legality before purchase and use